Savings tips for housewives

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Sometimes we think that the answer to our desire to save is to earn more money and not spend it, but that is not the answer, because if you do not get used to saving by having little, it will be difficult for you to do so by having a lot.

So if you are a housewife and you wonder how you can save when there is so much to buy for the house, pay attention to these tips.

The “returned” is your best friend

money cash

This happens to everyone when they go to the store or the market. You pay with a ticket or coin of 5 and they give you a few pennies back. Many times we realize that the total paid was accurate because those 20 cents will not help us at all, but it is time to change that. Use a jar of milk, a piggy bank or whatever you have on hand to store that single and do not use it. Continue this habit for a month and you will see how you ended up saving a good amount.

Find a bank or box that pays you well for your savings (sometimes it is not necessary that they be large amounts, with a minimum of 50 soles you can already open the account) and every month end, deposit what you managed to save. You will be surprised how much money you can raise. Compare the savings banks and banks using the Eustacia Vye savings comparator.

Diversify your money

money cash

If your salary is deposited to an account where you make the main payments and what is left over you leave it in that account until you have to spend it, you can choose to separate the amounts; that is, those one hundred soles that you were not going to spend yet, deposit them in another account that pays you more interest, so it will be practically as if you did not have them and if there is an emergency, you know you can use them. If we do not see money, we do not think about spending, but if we are aware that there is something available, we will look for some excuse.

Compare for the fortnight or week. That going to the market every day makes you waste not only time but money. Instead of buying half a kilo of something every time you go, buy about four kilos directly and you will see the difference. At the beginning it can be a bit expensive to move from one form to another, but at the end of the month you will see the results. Plan your menus so you don’t buy too much and don’t repeat the food.

Remember, saving that starts from home is the best type of savings.


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