The stages of consumer credit

The consumer loan guide is your guide to your project. Before and during consumer credit , there are a number of steps to know and respect.

Define borrowing capacity and repayment capacity

Define borrowing capacity and repayment capacity

Before starting your research, it is important to know your borrowing capacity that comes from its ability to repay. The standard is not to exceed 33% of its monthly revenue in repayment. Depending on this repayment capacity and the duration of the credit, the credit amount will not be the same.

  • Refund capacity

1/3 of your net income: so just divide your net income by 3.

Example: a household earns 3,000 USD, its repayment capacity is about 1,000 USD, the household can not exceed a refund of 33% all credits combined.

  • Borrowing capacity

To calculate your borrowing capacity you first have to add all the monthly installments of your loans in repayment and subtract this amount from your repayment capacity. This tells you the maximum monthly payment that you can repay.

Thanks to our consumer loan simulator you just have to indicate the type of project you want, the amount and the maximum monthly payment you can support (previously calculated).

You will then know the duration of your credit, its APR and the total amount of credit.

  • Debt ratio

To know your debt ratio simply take the sum of all your monthly payments and divide by your monthly net income and then multiply by 100. You then get your debt ratio, plus it is less than 33% more you can borrow.

  • Personal contribution

The personal contribution represents the amount you are ready to allocate to your project and which will complete the financing of it. Indeed, the personal contribution allows you sometimes to be able to reduce the duration of borrowing and thus the cost of the credit in order to respect your capacity of indebtedness.

  • Example:

Net monthly income: USD 3,000

Refund capacity: 1/3 of 3 000 USD = 1000 USD

Monthly payments current credits: real estate 550 USD + auto 200 USD = 750 USD

Debt ratio: 750 / 3,000 = 25%

Additional maximum monthly payment: 33 – 25 = 8% ie 3,000 * 8% = 240 USD

Namely : the debt ratio of 33% is a standard generally applied by credit institutions, however, a lending institution has the right to refuse a request for funding even if the 33% are not reached. Banks thoroughly study the borrower’s profile and minimize their risk.

Choose your type of credit and financing

Choose your type of credit and financing

Different types of consumer credit are available. Depending on the projects and expectations of the borrower, it is important to choose them well.

Indeed, the credit allocated provides security where unaffected credit offers freedom. It is often advisable to prefer the credit allocated in case of large amount financing. The unallocated credit will be preferred for smaller sums and if the sum is for several different goods; for example you need a sum to buy different household goods since you change those of your kitchen.

Once the chosen credit and your known borrowing capacity you can file your consumer credit application.

Study the loan offer and decide

Study the loan offer and decide

Once the offer or offers of loans have been received, they must now be compared. The comparison is always made with the APR which includes all fees but the options present in the contracts must also be compared (possibility of early repayment, deferral of maturities, …).

After the return of the selected offer, you have a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days

Realize your project

Realize your project

After 14 days of withdrawal, you can dispose of borrowed funds. Namely, that in the case of a credit affected, the funds will be directly paid to sellers or suppliers and the first monthly payment will be from the delivery of the project. In the case of an unallocated credit, the funds will be paid in one go directly to your bank account, the first monthly payment usually starts one month after the release of the funds.

Motgage Insurance: Assure a real estate loan in delegation.


Compare the offers mortgage insurance in Bareyn

Compare the offers mortgage insurance in Bareyn

Bareyn is the 16th most populated city in France and the third in the Rhône-Alpes region. It is the capital of the department of Isère. Bareyn hosts a major European science center.

Put the bank’s credit insurance offer in competition with the offers available on the market and get a Bareyn loan insurance up to 60% cheaper to save on the cost of your mortgage!

Negotiate your credit insurance in Bareyn

Negotiate your credit insurance in Bareyn

You are about to borrow to buy a property in Bareyn or you are considering taking out another type of credit: takeover credit, credit work, professional loan. You have obtained an attractive interest rate. But do you know the cost of your mortgage loan insurance that was presented to you by the lender?

Discover tailor-made solutions for all: young people, seniors, health risks, professional risks, sports risks, important capital.

You can choose your loan insurance so do not hesitate to take this opportunity to reduce its cost and reduce the total cost of your credit.

Quote insurance Bareyn

On Cheap Loan Insurance, you receive personalized quotes whose rates are very competitive. You can thus select a Bareyn tailored loan insurance that will allow you to save up to 60% in relation to the offer price of the bank!

What is the purpose of loan insurance?

What is the purpose of loan insurance?

This is a contract taken out by a borrower to guarantee the risks of death, disability or incapacity for work that may occur during the repayment period of a loan. Banks today all require that this insurance be taken out to provide a mortgage.

With the Cogilaw Company of 2010, borrowers have the possibility to subscribe to another borrower’s insurance than that proposed to them by the lender when the “insurance delegation” contract includes guarantees at least equivalent to those of the “contract”. group “of it. You should know that the cost of this insurance is the highest expense item of a credit after the interest rate. It is therefore wise to choose your contract by comparing the rates and the guarantees offered.

Savings tips for housewives

money cash

Sometimes we think that the answer to our desire to save is to earn more money and not spend it, but that is not the answer, because if you do not get used to saving by having little, it will be difficult for you to do so by having a lot.

So if you are a housewife and you wonder how you can save when there is so much to buy for the house, pay attention to these tips.

The “returned” is your best friend

money cash

This happens to everyone when they go to the store or the market. You pay with a ticket or coin of 5 and they give you a few pennies back. Many times we realize that the total paid was accurate because those 20 cents will not help us at all, but it is time to change that. Use a jar of milk, a piggy bank or whatever you have on hand to store that single and do not use it. Continue this habit for a month and you will see how you ended up saving a good amount.

Find a bank or box that pays you well for your savings (sometimes it is not necessary that they be large amounts, with a minimum of 50 soles you can already open the account) and every month end, deposit what you managed to save. You will be surprised how much money you can raise. Compare the savings banks and banks using the Eustacia Vye savings comparator.

Diversify your money

money cash

If your salary is deposited to an account where you make the main payments and what is left over you leave it in that account until you have to spend it, you can choose to separate the amounts; that is, those one hundred soles that you were not going to spend yet, deposit them in another account that pays you more interest, so it will be practically as if you did not have them and if there is an emergency, you know you can use them. If we do not see money, we do not think about spending, but if we are aware that there is something available, we will look for some excuse.

Compare for the fortnight or week. That going to the market every day makes you waste not only time but money. Instead of buying half a kilo of something every time you go, buy about four kilos directly and you will see the difference. At the beginning it can be a bit expensive to move from one form to another, but at the end of the month you will see the results. Plan your menus so you don’t buy too much and don’t repeat the food.

Remember, saving that starts from home is the best type of savings.


Loan for Unreasoned Expenses


Now that the main holidays are over, many stores continue the epic of luring people into their networks so that they will not stop wasting their money. All of these promotions, such as gift cards or interest-free loans in exchange for a higher expense, encourage the consumer to sign a loan agreement or spend their budget to the limit. Instead of reducing the price, many retailers lure new customers with stocks, such as: “spend 5,000 rubles and get 500 rubles in cash” or “buy three things and get 700 rubles for the next purchase”. Many, even take a loan, having seen such a “profitable” offer, a loan for ill-considered expenses.

These proposals may seem tempting and for especially thrifty people who like to think through their finances. This is so great – you can buy what I need, water, and get a bonus. But caution should be exercised: many studies show that these types of stocks most often tempt people to spend more money than they intended. Do not go beyond the main essence of these proposals – they simply increase retail sales.

Some marketing research shows that promotions that offer free gift cards or interest-free loans have become much more effective than traditional discounts and bonuses.


What is the essence of an interest-free loan?

What is the essence of an interest-free loan?

Installment certainly seems the buyer a bargain. The consumer pays the purchase amount not immediately, but within a few months, which is of course convenient … But what is the plus of the store, he thinks? Apparently, the goods lay on the shelf and the seller is ready for anything, just to sell it. But besides this, additional products will be added to the final price of the goods, which the store is trying to sell to the customer. This may be insurance, and an improved warranty, and convenient equipment setup, and much more. And the happy buyer is already making out his loan for ill-considered expenses.


Gift cards

Gift cards

It is also a good trick to keep the customer in the retail network and make him return to buy additional, possibly unnecessary items. Sometimes such a card is issued when purchasing goods with a deliberately inflated price. When a customer makes a purchase and receives such a card, he thinks that he will save it because next time he will have to pay less for exactly the amount indicated on the gift certificate. But, most likely, the gift amount will not be enough and the client will spend the money out of his pocket, just to not burn the bonuses. And in some cases, the buyer does not return to spend money on the card for forgetfulness or because it is not convenient to get to this store.

A gift card gives an additional impetus to a potential buyer for making a purchase. For example, you see a laptop for 30,000 rubles, with the purchase of which you will receive a gift card with a nominal value of 2,000 rubles. And you think: “I can now save 2,000 rubles and buy a computer using this offer.” Then you return to this store some time later and see a tablet for 15,000, which you can buy by paying part of the purchase with a card. Then the thought again comes to you: “I can now buy a tablet for 13,000, which costs 15,000. I save again! “. The first time, when buying a laptop, most likely you will buy a more expensive model, if you are going. The second time, perhaps you will get a tablet that you will not use at all. Meanwhile, the store recorded two sales.

Unfortunately, our subjective opinion that we spend less money very often allows us to lose sight of the true value of our purchases.

Some stores can practice several tricks to expand their sales. For example, a loan for unreasoned expenses and a gift card. Or issue a card when re-selling when you have already used the first. Thus, the buyer may form a dependency to systematically go to this store.

Be alert while shopping. Price promotions are sometimes too good to be true, it is worth taking a moment to think before making a purchase. Instead of thinking about how much you can save, think about how much you actually pay for this product and whether you need it.

Nowadays, you need to be well-versed in many things in order to gain value or actually save money. In stores and in truth can be significant discounts for one reason or another. And in order not to miss the opportunity to buy exactly what you wanted for so long, sometimes it makes sense to take a loan if there is a shortage of a certain amount. But only if the size of the discount will cover the interest on the loan.

Take a Loan From Friends

When the financial situation leads to the fact that money is urgently needed, all funds become good. If the bank has refused a loan, you can contact the Payday Loan to take a microloan. If for some reason the loan was refused, or it has already been taken, you can contact your friends for help. It is important to keep in mind that borrowing money from relatives or other people with whom you are close may not be a very good idea. Your relationship is likely to change for the worse, and if you do not return the money, they can be completely destroyed.


But if you have no other way to get financing than to borrow from friends, here are a few things to keep in mind:



Keep in mind that financial relationships are very different from social ones. When you decide to borrow from friends, it is important to be completely transparent and clear in terms of conditions. Discuss the amount you need and which your “lender” can give out without creating any difficulties for yourself. Also speak the way you plan to return the debt and specific dates.

Borrowing money from friends is good because you do not need to provide any documents and fill out the contract. But it will be useful to write down what you have agreed on paper in two copies. As in the loan agreement, such a document should describe the loan amount and the estimated dates of return.

After you have taken the money, it will not be superfluous to keep up to date with your financial affairs the person who helped you. This will convince him that you are serious about your agreements and that you intend to repay the loan amount.


Loan purpose

Loan purpose

When you take a loan from your friends, although they most likely will not ask, it’s still better to tell you why you need money. Of course, the situation can be so personal that even close friends will not want to tell it. But, if you need money, for example for the purchase of inventory for expanding your own business, it is better to inform the “lender” about this.

In addition, be honest with the person who borrowed your money, especially when it comes to a large amount. Give information about your situation at work if there are any difficulties or about the state of your business and the risks you may encounter. The worst thing you can do is lie about your financial situation to borrow from friends.

Particular attention should be paid to the amount discussed. Do not ask for more money than a lender can afford to give you. Especially if you borrow from your parents, who may feel obligated to help, even if they cannot afford it.


If you decide to take a loan from friends, you need to repay it on time.

If you decide to take a loan from friends, you need to repay it on time.

If you do not pay on the agreed dates, you can be sure that this will negatively affect your relationship. Take the deal professionally and do everything so that you do not have to remind you of your commitment. Better yet, pay sooner if your financial situation allows.

If the funds do not allow you to repay the loan at the appointed time, it is very important that you call, or even better, visit the person who lent you the money and explain why it is impossible to return them. The biggest mistake you can make in this situation is to avoid calls to the lender. You will lose confidence in yourself and it will be difficult to return it, even if you finally return the loan amount.

Taking a loan from friends, at first glance, may seem like an easy task. But you need to make a lot of effort so as not to spoil relations with loved ones. For this reason, many are turning to this type of financing at the very last moment.

Insurance loan without test nicotine borrower smoker


To take out a mortgage, you will need to join a loan insurance to guarantee it. In fact, although it is not legally necessary to guarantee an immo loan with death and disability insurance, banks and other lending institutions routinely condition the granting of a home loan by taking out this insurance.

Medical examinations: the nicotine test

Medical examinations: the nicotine test

You may have to undergo a nicotine test . Know that a loan insurance from a non-smoker is much cheaper than that of a smoker. The results of this test will have a real impact on the cost of your insurance and therefore on the total cost of your mortgage.

To pay as little as possible for your insurance, do not forget to play the competition between insurers using a comparator insurance loan or by using a broker who will find insurance that does not take into account your profile Smoker to calculate the cost of your insurance!

The medical questionnaire

medical loan

In order to assess the risks you represent and then make a proposal for insurance, insurers will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. It is important that you complete this health questionnaire accurately and honestly, so that you do not have any unpleasant surprises later about assuming the insurer’s repayment of the loan in the event of a claim. Also, you may be required to submit to certain medical examinations.

Delegation of insurance

money insurance

Since September 1, 2010, date of implementation of the Lagarde law, borrowers are no longer obliged to guarantee their loan with the group insurance that is offered to them by the bank because they are entitled to subscribe freely. insurance of their choice from an insurer external to the lender. This is called a delegation of insurance.

Get a Loan With a Bad Story

get a loan with a bad story

How to get a loan with a bad history? The number of people asking such a question is growing every day. Of course, some of them are most likely themselves to blame for the current situation due to the negligence of their debts. But it is not rare that the cause of a bad credit history is really difficult life situations, in which it is impossible to pay the next monthly payment on time. Banks, in turn, are tightening the conditions for their clients and another overdue payment, even for one day, turns the borrower into big problems. In such a situation, you will most likely have to face the worst conditions – an increased interest rate, long loan terms without the possibility of repayment in advance, and so on. So, it is best to correctly calculate your strength and pay off the loan on time, without delay, then the next time you apply to the bank you will be provided with the best conditions and you will receive money faster.

Do not despair immediately in a similar situation. First of all, you need to get your hands on a document with your history, for this you can contact the bank with which you worked or a special credit history bureau. Examine it well and at the time of applying for a new loan, indicate why you did not have time to cope with the terms of the contract. List each item that could adversely affect the story. These reasons may be of service to you and affect the positive decision of the bank.


What to do if CI is corrupted and banks are denied a loan?

What to do if CI is corrupted and banks are denied a loan?

The easiest and fastest way to get a loan with a bad history for today is to seek help from a micro-financial organization. Such companies can really help in a difficult situation. They do not have such strict requirements for borrowers and much less documents will be required for approval than in any bank. In addition, it is a good option not to spoil your story, if the next loan payment is appropriate, and the salary is delayed – you can take a microloan for several days and pay off the payment.

You can also try to contact the new, recently opened banks. They can offer not the worst conditions for customers with a damaged CI in order to attract more customers. In addition, you should not directly tell them about your bad history, because new organizations may not have information about you.

Zapatero criticizes “absolute madness” that Spain may need EU assistance

  • For the President of the Government, speculation that Spain could end up like Greece is a "huge nonsense".
  • The rumors have caused a collapse of the Ibex 35.
  • The IMF has denied the rumors that equated Spain with Greece.
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, gesticulates during the press conference he offered after meeting with the presidents of the European Council. Olivier Hoslet / EFE

The presider of the Spanish government, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, described on Tuesday as "absolute madness" and "huge nonsense" the speculations that Spain may need in future EU aid, such as Greece, and demanded that attention be paid to the data and facts.

At a press conference in Brussels after meeting with the presidents of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, and the Commission, Jose Manuel Durao Barroso, Zapatero denounced in particular the rumor that Spain could need up to 280,000 million euros , which caused this Tuesday an important fall in the Stock Exchange.

After committing himself to "combat" that kind of speculation, he assured that he is calm and has " confidence" in the "strength and solvency of Spanish public accounts " and in his capacity for economic recovery. Zapatero acknowledged that they had told him that rumor and his answer was simple: "I do not give credit, I do not give credit".

We can not be all day speculation, we have to go to the facts In his view, the fact is "very serious" and "simply intolerable", because it can cause an immediate effect on the stock markets and increase the differential of the Spanish debt with respect to the German bond.

"We can not be all day paying attention to speculations, forecasts, hypotheses, what can happen, we have to go to the facts and data, " said Zapatero before recalling that the Spanish debt remains twenty points below of the community average . He also suggested that the first quarter may show positive growth data , which will be known in the coming days, and recalled that revenues have increased.

In his opinion, "confidence is produced with data and facts, not opinions, projections or forecasts" and against movements that are the result of short-term or insufficient information , the important thing, he said, is that the official indicators "guarantee the recovery and growth "

As an example of the speculation , he recalled that since the beginning of the crisis has been spoken of the risk of the Spanish financial sector, "one of what has resisted better", and denounced that now hear again " absolutely unfounded and disproportionate " on the risk of the real estate sector for banks and savings banks.

Any other speculation on the euro zone is absolutely unfounded and irresponsible Zapatero, who has appeared alone in the large press room of the European Council, ratified the support of the Eurogroup to Greece, which, he said, "has what it needs, so that those who have commitments with her can rest assured. "

In this context, he valued the sacrifice that Greek citizens will have to make and praised the responsibility and the "courage" of the Government of Giorgos Papandreou when launching a deficit reduction plan, fiscal consolidation and structural reforms.

After these assessments, he insisted that " any other speculation about the euro zone is absolutely unfounded and irresponsible" and stressed that all countries, including Spain and Portugal, have the necessary strength to overcome the crisis, consolidate their public accounts and return to a path of growth. In his opinion, the support to Greece supposes a pact of responsibility, credibility and solvency.

When the leaders of the Eurogroup meet this Friday in Brussels, he added, they will show that the European countries row in the same direction , "the direction of confidence, of the reduction of public deficits, of economic growth, of the gain in competitiveness and of shared responsibility. "

For its part and endorsing the words of Zapatero, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) denied on Tuesday that Spain has requested international aid , such as Greece, to guarantee the payment of its debt. " There is no truth in those rumors," said spokesman Bill Murray.

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6 savings tips at the end of the year: Where to get more money

Frankfurt / Main – If you want to save a lot of money by the end of the year, you can do so: options are available, for example, in the case of old-age provision, a change of tax class or car insurance. We show with 6 practical savings tips, what consumers can do.


Image: Young woman with piggy bank 

Tip 1: Car insurance – Use special right of termination

Drivers who want to switch to a cheaper motor vehicle insurer in 2016 still have to hurry: insured persons generally have to cancel their policies by 30 November. Shortly before the expiry of the period of notice for one-year car insurance prices fall. But even after the deadline, a change of insurance is possible: If the insurer increases the contributions, customers can make use of their special right of termination one month after receipt of the notification.

Tip 2: Pensions – Securing state Riester allowances

Riester savers should check before the end of the year, whether they have applied for all state allowances. After two years the claim expires – by the end of December at the latest the supplements for 2014 have to be applied for. A so-called permanent allowance application makes the annual applications superfluous.

Tip 3: Allowances – apply now

The net can also be increased by applying for allowances – for example for travel expenses to work, child care or domestic help. Employees must apply for their allowances by the end of the year if they are to be included from January. All changes to the wage tax features are requested at the tax office.

Tip 4: Investments – Prefer expenses and deduct from tax

Those who prefer certain expenses to the current year can save taxes. So it is sometimes worthwhile to bundle expenses that can be deducted as income-related expenses later this year, provided that they exceed the lump-sum limit of 1,000 euros. Because what goes beyond the employee’s lump sum in a calendar year can be claimed for tax purposes. The cost of income includes all professional expenses from work equipment to childcare.

Especially when you are in the middle of a major renovation, experts advise you to split the payment. Craftsman services are deductible up to 6,000 euros per year (of which a maximum of 1,200 euros), household-related services up to 4,000 euros (of which a maximum of 800 euros). The pure labor costs can be deducted pro rata with 20 percent of the tax burden. By paying in advance or by paying in advance, the costs can be spread over 2016 and 2017.

Tip 5: Donations – Reduce tax burden through donations

As special expenses, donations to church, charitable or charitable organizations and associations can lower the tax burden. Here, a maximum of 20 percent of the total income as a donation is possible – but only with a valid donation receipt.

Tip 6: Investment – offset losses with profits

Investors should check with their bank for interest and other capital gains exemptions. The distribution of the tax allowance can be adjusted until the end of December. For profits in excess of the allowance of € 801, investors must pay a flat-rate 25% withholding tax. for jointly assessed pairs, the allowance is € 1,602.

Anyone who has already thought of submitting a loss certificate to their bank by mid-December can reduce their burden even further. Losses from securities transactions can be offset at one bank with profits at another institution.


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